Divorce in Canada

Divorce after immigration to Canada | Separation and divorce | Divorce in Canada

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Regarding the migration of many Iranian fellow citizens to Canada and the emergence of some family conflicts there, we decided to discuss the issue of divorce and related issues.

Divorce in Canada

Divorce in Canada
Divorce in Canada

Divorce in Canada is different for Iranian citizens living in Canada, due to differences in family law and how women's financial rights are claimed in Canada. A lawyer can make a claim for rights in accordance with the laws of Iran in Canada. Orders issued in foreign courts in Iran are only accepted in certain circumstances. In this article we will describe these terms.

Given the large number of immigrants to Canada and their marriage record in Iran, all the issues related to their divorce in Canada include issues that require a lawyer who is familiar with international law. Sina Ebrahimi, is ready to accept allegations of overseas Iranians for legal advice (and the choice of a lawyer for a foreign service abroad) to serve you.

Canadian law regarding family

Canadian law
Canadian law

Before expressing anything, Canadian states are governed independently of each other by a governor appointed by the Queen of England. Family law in Canada is the same, and in some cases there are some differences between some states.

Iranian divorce in Canada

It should be said that if marriage has been registered in Iran and the couples are willing to take all the divorce proceedings in Canada, they should know that the sentence issued in Canada or any other country is accepted in the court of Iran if the case is re-opened in court Family of Iran.

Although Iranians living in Canada can also bring family lawsuits to family courts in Iran.

It should also be noted that if couples seek an agreement on divorce, they can do their legal affairs without the need for their presence by selecting a family lawyer in Canada and Iran. We can handle such cases through a lawyer in Canada. For more information, you can contact us. Iranians living abroad can submit their work to a family lawyer in Iran by providing official power of attorney at Iranian embassies. In most cases, couples do not need to be present.

These topics are said to occur if couples live in Canada. But if one of the couples is abroad and the other in Iran, how should divorce be done?

First of all, if none of the couples in Iran are resident, the Tehran City Court will have jurisdiction to hear their application, unless they make another decision. According to Article 14 of the Family Protection Act, if one of the couples lives abroad and the other is in Iran, the court of residence of a person living in Iran must consider the case.

If both of the couples are resident outside of the country and one of them is temporarily residing in Iran, the court of residence of the person residing in Iran and if both have temporary residence in Iran, the court of the place of residence of the woman must be the prosecutor.

Divorce Request in CANADA

divorce request
divorce request

A divorce request in Canada can be made by a man or a woman.

 divorce in Canada

This type of divorce will only occur if the case is examined by a family lawyer in Canada, a betrayal or persecution of one of the couples to another. To submit a petition for divorce, it is mandatory for each of the couples to prove their claim.

An agreed divorce in Canada

Couples will have to submit their agreement to the Family Court to request a divorce. This agreement will be timely when couples have not lived together for one year.

Family lawyer in Canada must specify all the rights and affairs of the couple, including the division of property, custody, alimony and dowry, by arranging a draft agreement between the couples. The assignment is to be submitted to the family court.

Family lawyer in Canada and Iran

You can contact us for advice, information, or family lawyer assistance in Canada and Iran.

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